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Central winding slitting machine

Product name Central winding slitting machine
Model JHS
Machine speed 200~250m/min
Material width 1000mm / 1300mm / 1600mm (according to customer demand)
Maximum diameter of raw material 700mm
Maximum width of finished product 50mm
Maximum diameter of finished product 450mm
Slitting materials

applicable for slitting of cellophane / PVC / PE / OPP / PS / CPP / PET / and film thicknesses from 0.013 to 0.8 mm.

Product advantage

a standard cycles take-up shaft structure, with raw materials and finished products on the same side,
as well as a completely-centralized control system to facilitate solo operation.

Coiling method adopts a (Bakelite), (differential ring) independent friction take-up structure which can easily split material of uneven thickness.

The strict design of transmission structure enables the smooth operation of the machine at high speedsand neatly trims the edge of the finished product. In addition, its transmission structure uses a bearing type which makes repair or maintenance easy.

Product Features

  1. High precise program control match up differential shaft in order to stable the tension.
  2. Human-Machine interface controller with simple, easy to use operator controls.