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Dry laminating machine

Product Name Dry laminating machine (complex machine)
Model MC - A
Machine speed 200~220m/min
Maximum width of raw materials 1000mm / 1300mm / 1600mm / 2000mm (according to customer requirement)
Maximum width of finished products 1000mm / 1300mm / 1600mm / 2000mm (according to customer requirement)
Material thickness 0.5 –8 (mil)
Finished thickness 3 –10 (mil)
Maximum diameter of raw material 600mm
Maximum diameter of coiling 800mm
Applicable scope

flexible packaging materials and a variety of multi-layer laminated film or surface treatment. (e.g.: BOPP / CPP / PE / PET / NYNON / LDPE / other materials)

Product feature

this machine is suitable for laminating products with a high degree of water vapor and gas barrier properties as well as for all kinds of Styrofoam and basic bags in oil, water, freezing, boiling environments. Laminated products have excellent transparency and adhesion.
This machine has an automatic feeding device, servo motor drives and PLC computer control system.

Product Features

  1. Designed for laminating various packaging materials and hard to laminate materials such as nylon, aluminum foil, etc.
  2. Double-shaft unwinder and rewinder allows for automatic material changing and splicing while high-speed running, reducing defect ratio to a minimum.
  3. Four zones of high efficiency drying chambers provides superior laminating performance in high speed operation.
  4. Drying system options: Thermal oil, Gas burner and Electric heating.
  5. Human-Machine interface controller with simple, easy to use operator controls.