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Rotogravure coater (glue spreader)

Product name Rotogravure coater (glue spreader)
Model MA
Coating material type BOTT / PET / CPP / PVC / OPP / PP / PE / PAPER / 尼龍 / 鋁箔
Coating material width 800mm –2000mm
Machine width 1100mm / 1300mm / 1500mm (according to customerrequirements)
Coating operation speed depending on coating condition
Material roll diameter 600mm / 800mm / 1000mm / 1200mm
Coating features Direct gravure coating
Reverse gravure coating
Indirect gravure coating
Micro gravure coating
Closed double scraper rack system
Coating application

widely used in the optical film in the electronics industry and 3C products (such as from separated or hardened layer coatings), and non-carbon paper/thermal paper.

Product Features

  1. Highly efficient double layer drying system with adjustable temperture and efficient drying capacity.
  2. The temperature and wind velocity of oven are average and stable Advanced auto splicing & feeding mechanism:High speed & ultra fast coating job change without stopping machine.
  3. Pneumatic control impression roller:easy to operate up or down.
  4. Human-Machine interface controller with simple, easy to use operator controls.
  5. Temperature can be monitored by human-machine interface